2019 Essential Must Have SEO Tools

Why SEO Tools Are Essential To Your Business This 2019

Many digital marketers know by default that website plug-ins and SEO tools are useful. But just how useful are these, really, when you are trying to get ahead of the competition? Let’s get past the basics and get into the heart of the core advantages of using SEO tools to make every day of your digital marketing more and more successful.

1. Scoping Out The Competition

analyze competitors website

SEO is never about reinventing the wheel. It’s more like entering a global kitchen, and you have to know the best recipes to really get results. The Internet is just filled with shady SEO tactics and products that will most likely pull you to the unethical side – especially if the tactics are promising overnight results unlike seoexplode.com

There are rarely any overnight SEO successes. When you are building up a business, the SEO grows with the business itself. There is no such thing as a number one website on Google with one or two pages.

The websites that we see that are top-ranked for almost every keyword that they have targeted have invested heavily in SEO and content marketing to get there. Google is just showing you the natural results of all the hard work of those websites.

SEO tools can help you get there: to where your competitors are. SEO tools like SEMrush offer analysis of competitor websites to see their baclink profiles, current rankings, and more.

This is where your primary data is going to come from: from your competitors who have been there long before you established your website. The challenge now is to outdo what they’ve been doing. Do you think you can outdo them or at least equal what they have achieved? We’re pretty sure you can as long as you are getting the right help!

2. Backlink Profile

backlink profile

SEO tools can help reveal your competitor’s backlink profile – which is a treasure trove of information that can shorten your research and data gathering a lot.

A website’s backlink profile is basically the network of websites that link to a particular website. Google has relied for a long time on backlinks to judge the relevance of a particular website to a keyword or set of keywords. Before, unethical SEO companies created link farms to convince website owners that they were getting great links from authority sites.

It’s 2019, and we largely know that this isn’t true at all. Purchasing links is a bad idea, period. You have to build your own backlink profile through hard work, but the good news here is that it’s not impossible to craft a backlink profile that Google will love. But buying them? Not a good idea in any situation.

When you get analyze a competitor’s website for their backlink profile, you will see an abstraction of the raw data. The abstraction would probably look like any of the following:

– A simple list of backlinks with the corresponding anchor text and additional data (this is the most common and most useful for beginners)

– A chart that shows the links in different groups, categorized by the keyword class from whence they come from

– An analysis of link toxicity or the health of the links. Some links are illicitly acquired and having enough of this will likely land your website in Google jail (getting penalties is never fun)

– A chart that shows the backlinks in groups based on the type of keyword involved and which country the backlink is coming from

– A chart that shows the backlinks and the frequency of the keywords and the anchor text used

What exactly do you do with this information? You use it the most proactive way possible.

By knowing exactly where your competitors are getting their quality backlinks from, you can start reaching out to these websites, so you can generate quality links for your website, too.

It’s going to take some effort to accomplish this at a level that will elevate your website, but we can tell you right now that this is an excellent practice and it will get the job done.

3. Demolishing the Keyword Wall

seo keywords

Digital marketers that have been at the game know that the longer you are producing content for a particular market, the more challenging it becomes after a few years to keep churning out great content with an ever-tighter focus on keywords that produce high ROI. It can be nerve-wracking and headache-inducing to come up with the right keywords.

But that’s where SEO tools can come to the rescue. Not only will you be able to see how your competitors are ranking in their niches, you will also be able to see how they are ranking for particular keywords. By using the available data from competition, you can refocus your content generation efforts to stay abreast on what your competition is doing.

This makes a lot of sense because topical trends in content change all the time, as the world changes.

People changes, their interests follow suit. Sometimes your competition will be able to detect the changes in preferences more quickly than you – and that’s alright, because you will be at their heels with your data-driven approach.

4. Audit Your Website – Now

website audit

Website auditing is another important step in SEO that is often overlooked, especially if the website has been running for a couple of years and has experienced some degree of success. Never rest on your laurels!

With SEO tools like Screaming Frog, you will be able to audit your website and make sure that you have all the data related to things like orphaned pages, missing HTML elements like page titles, meta descriptions, etc.

All these vital elements can hit your website again and again, and unless you remedy these issues, it’s possible that you may never get ahead of your competition who has been active in rectifying these issues from the very beginning. Automation is the name of the game so you don’t burn yourself out – and yes, there is an SEO tool for that.

Pawn Shop – What You Should Know

A pawn shop is the type of place that will offer individual money in exchange for an item. Many pawn shops allow you to either “pawn” the item or “sell” the item.


When you pawn the item at a pawn shop, you will be able to get the item back after you have paid the borrowed amount back to the shop – if you fail to pay the money back on time, they will sell the item.

Depending on the pawn shop, you should have between 30 to 90 days to pay the money back. If you take the route to sell the item to the pawn shop, then you will not have the option to pay the money back in order to get the item back.

When you choose to sell the item, many times, you will get more money than you would if you were to “pawn” the item. Regardless, if you’re looking for some fast cash and you have some descent stuff lying around your house, this would be a suitable route to take.

What You Can Pawn

Some pawn shops will buy a variety of things, including televisions, movies, laptops, jewelry, musical instruments, antiques, and so much more. There are some shops that will take items on consignment and the profits that are earned from the item may be split between the store owner and the owner of the item. However, there are other pawn shops that are simply jewelry based, and are only interested in buying jewelry.

Laws in the United States

In the United States, there are strict rules in regards to running a pawn shop – these rules will vary from state to state. However, two of the rules that are required to be followed include:

The amount of time the pawnbroker needs to wait before they can sell the item that has been pawned, and the percentage of the market value for which the merchandise can be pawned. The laws are there in order to protect both the pawnbroker and the individual pawning the items.

Make Sure Your Items Shine and are Properly Cleaned


Once you figure out what you are going to pawn or sell, you need to make sure they are super clean. If you’re cleaning jewelry, it’s important that you know the cleaning methods required for your precious metals or gemstones.

If you have a silver or gold piece that has a gemstone, then follow the cleaning instructions for your gemstone, and not the metal, because gemstones are much more delicate than the metal. If it is a very expensive piece of jewelry, then you may want to have a professional clean it up for you.


Pawn shops are great little places you can go to in order to find some pretty cool stuff to buy. However, when times are tough, or you simply don’t want a certain item anymore, they are a great place to go to in order to get money in exchange for merchandise.  Majorpawn.com is a good place to go to if you’re wanting to see what a pawn shop is all about.

Reasons You Need A Trusted Resource For Selling Your Gold

When it comes to selling precious metals, especially gold, you’re not going to find a shortage of options. You could look online for companies that buy and sell gold, and you’ll get tons of options. However, not all of those solutions are going to pay off dividends, and could very well take you for a ride. Many people sometimes look into selling, and end up losing out because the costs associated with selling and maintaining a high dollar value of items can be rough. Now, if you want to use a good, credible source, then you’ll want to look into the option of working with cash4jewelrynow. Before getting into that, consider the reasons why you need this trusted source over other options.

Faster Payouts

pawn shopThe first major thing that you will be delighted by is the fact that you will receive faster payouts. You’ll receive a lot of opportunity to get paid for your gold, and you will not have to deal with the markups or any sort of issue that you would get with other retailers. If you were to go with options that you hear about on the radio or television, you will have to succumb to the prices that they have with advertising. Someone has to pay for advertising, and that usually trickles down to the consumer, so you won’t get nearly as much as you’d expect for your gold. But if you were to go with a trusted source like, cash4jewelrynow, you could very well get a helping hand.

Honest Answers

Let’s say that you’re not sure if you want to sell or get a loan from a pawn solution. That’s ok, you could always get a helping hand with figuring out what is going on, by asking a few questions. Not every company is going to give you honest answers, but when you work with cash4jewelrynow, you’ll end up with a positive solution forward. They will be able to give you a great deal of answers and help you figure out what you can do with the gold that you have, and how to move along. Whether you want to get a lot of money for items, or you are looking to get a small loan, asking questions and getting honest answers is one of the main reasons you should always pursue a trusted resource.

Easy Transactions

The last thing that you will want to explore in regard to cash4jewelrynow is that they will make transactions easy. They help people just like you to help you garner a great deal of money for items that you no longer use. If you don’t use your jewelry, or if you have items that are older overall, then you’ll end up with a positive push forward with using this great company’s option. Whether you want to get a loan or you want to sell through your items, you’ll end up with a positive push. This is a great option, test it once, and see why it’s far better to use a trusted, well-reviewed resource than to go with any other option.

Why Choose Taylormade Golf Products When Playing In The Greens

If you’re currently looking for premium Taylormade golf items, you’ve come to the right place. Rockbottomgolf is one of the most trusted brands today that provides golfers the ultimate products they need for the perfect golf setup. Our golf clubs as well as accessories are made with top quality materials and designs in order to help us meet the exact requirements and expectations of our customers around the world. We have excellent benefits and features to offer once you choose our brand while satisfying your needs in a more affordable manner.

When it comes to Taylormade R9 iron graphite, below are the benefits and features that you will get:

1. Specifically designed to bring advanced performance as well as tremendous distance through traditional package.

2. Built by skilled technicians in order to provide the ideal shape that golfers need when making a stroke. The entire design is clean with conventional details to ensure classic style during games.

3. Middle irons and long irons are ideally created separately from short irons because the main goal is to optimize players’ performances in all categories.

4. The three-iron through six-iron are particularly long with easy handling so that golfers get comfortable this. On the other hand, the short irons are built to encourage ultimate accuracy, control, and feel.

Taylormade Golf

But if you want to use Taylormade golf burns super launch stiff GRA; you also get the chance to enjoy a lot of benefits. The features include deep and ultra large cavity in order to accommodate perimeter weighting while any mishit is handled efficiently whether on heel, toe, low or high point. Also, the low profile long-iron design supports low CG and high MOI. As a result, they are simple to launch with the help of the multi-functional and extra wide sole. Lastly, the inverted cone tech encourages swifter ball speed especially on mishit for ultimately consistent distance.

Other Models to Consider when Choosing Taylormade Items

For Taylormade R11 Reg Grph and Steel, the advantages are the ultra thin face thickness, inverted cone tech, quicker balls distance and speed, multi-functional sole, greater playability, progressive top line thickness, and the advanced groove structure that efficiently promotes better control and spin. Another excellent model is the RBZ graphite and RBZ steel. The features include speed pocket, high COR, smooth feel, and consistency. When you decide to use this, we guarantee you higher level of confidence when playing golf.

In addition, you are sure to hit the ball through the tee.

TaylormadeGolfAnd if you want to take advantage of the R7 TP irons, you can also choose this model. But all of our Taylormade golf irons are sure to improve your play wherever you are. For those who want to enjoy workability in steady yardage from shot to shot, this is the best solution. In fact, the R7 TP iron can expand COR zone in order to boost the standard ball speed. The pliable aluminum dampening within the cavity also reduces harsh vibrations while delivering soft yet solid feel. Players use this to achieve tour-caliber hand movement through maximum manipulation.

Leveling Up Golfing Experience through Quality Products

When you choose our Taylormade golf products, you will also be given excellent features as well as benefits that you don’t usually get from other brands. In fact, more and more golfers are choosing Rockbottomgolf in order to cost efficiently meet their needs and expectations in no time. So we invite you to check out our website and witness plethora of golf products on our site. With years of excellence in the industry, we are glad to provide every customer the right service they deserve along with exclusive promos and discounts.

In terms of technology and innovation, you can always trust Taylormade items for an ultimate golfing experience. You don’t need to spend more time just to find the right model you need. We are here to help you improve your play while making sure that you get more confidence whenever you’re in the greens. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need our help and we will make an effort to address your concerns. All you need to do is contact us or visit our website for more details.

Whether you’re a professional or amateur golfer, the important thing is that you continue to learn every day. By using the ideal model of Taylormade irons, you are guaranteed to level up your golfing skills. We are here to help you come up with the perfect setup so that you will stay comfortable no matter how tough the game is. Again, please call us if you need our assistance and we’ll gladly oblige to help you.

Luxury Garden City Homes for Sale with Best Prices

Garden City offers an attractive setting where locals can find multiple retail centers, convenient access to Adelphia University, formal residential homes, and tree-shaded lanes. The ambience in the city also provides safe and secured neighborhood for all the local residents. The place actually amazes visitors due to the convenience it offers. So if you are currently looking for a new home in New York, this is the right place for you.
The service establishments as well as the recreational amenities homeare well developed for your convenience. You will find dining opportunities from the finest restaurants located in the city proper. The clean swimming pool, tennis programs, soccer field, recreation center for seniors, lush parks, and other sports facilities are sure to provide you with a more enjoyable lifestyle while you’re in Garden City.

How to Get the Best Property in NY

To help you get excellent choices when it comes to Garden City homes for sale, you need to check out some reliable websites. With the growing population in New York, Garden City continues to develop real estate properties to accommodate the needs of the local residents. The more sophisticated yet less grandiose version of the ever glorious hotel in the city consistently provides luxury amenities for everyone.

Online home buyers can enter ZIP codes to easily find their ideal home such as the 11530, 11531, and 11599. Whether you are looking for luxury homes, townhouse, condo, or any real estate property, make sure to choose a reputable website to help you with your needs. With comprehensive data related to Garden City homes for sale, rest assured that you get informed decision before you buy a new property in NY.

You can also check out other brokerage firms and real estate listings to make sure that you are working with a trusted realtor. With reliable sources including nongovernmental third parties, you get valuable information regarding the house that you want to buy. However, it is important to verify the details with an experienced real estate agent in Garden City.

The Essence of Experienced Broker

By deciding to work with a highly regarded real estate broker, you can maximize your investments while obtaining high property value. Choosing a leading provider of for-sale properties in Garden City will also offer you the best choices with excellent prices. Check out the website for other home ownership services and Garden City homes for sale.


Given the experience of highly-skilled brokers, home buyers who want to purchase new home in New York are guaranteed to have the best options. The main goal is to provide properties that you exactly want for ultimate satisfaction.


Your lifestyle requirements should be met in a more affordable manner. Homes for sale in Garden City are designed to meet the unique needs and expectations of various customers. However, if you want to request for some modifications, you can do so as long as there is approval by your realtor.

Buying an Affordable Home in Garden City

It is important to have professional guidance before you sign in the contract. If you don’t understand any of the items included in the contract, you can ask your lawyer or real estate agent for expert answers. With the help of your agent’s local connections, you can have the opportunity to buy a more reasonable home in no time.


So if you are planning to buy a comfortable abode in New York, get help from those you can trust. You will be assisted throughout the buying process until you have signed in the contract. Besides, with support and guidance from the right people, even the most difficult questions regarding Garden City homes for sale can be easily answered.